Sunday, April 19, 2015

have fun

since I am really lazy about doing my blog, for my extra post you get this completely out of context

you can also have these feels

Did I do that?

Have you ever had a moment where someone quotes you on something and all you can think is, "Did I really say that? That doesn't seem like me at all" Then it just comes flooding back to you and you remember everything about when you said that one particular thing in your life.  Yeah that didn't happen at all with these things that I allegedly said.

"Why do hearts look like ballsacks?"

"You cleaned your room you skank"

"We should smoke some meth"

Now I lie prostate on the floor"


And like I said, I don't ever remember saying these things so I can't provide you with any context but I thought they were funny, so there ya go.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


These are my favorite pictures from the Internet.  Some of them may be inappropriate for younger readers.  Viewer discretion is advised.


So I was originally going to write a long, deep poem about who I am and stuff like that, but then I realized that didn't really seem like me.  So instead, you get this gif of a butt pooping out my name.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

what makes me

                                                     CHILDISH IMPATIENT 
                                             HATES PHYSICAL EDUCATION
                                          APPARENTLY SMART FARTS A LOT
                                        DOESN'T LIKE CHILDREN OR PEOPLE
                                        QUIET SHY MORE BUTTS KINDA FUN
                                        OKAY AT PARTIES BUT NOT REALLY
                                           LIKES BOOKS SOMETIMES TIRED
                                              WOULD RATHER NOT GO TO
                                                 SCHOOL EVER EXCEPT TO
                                                           SEE FRIENDS 
                                                       CAN BE COOL-ISH
                                                  SOME    TIMES    CREAT
                                                IVE          OTHER      TIMES
                                            REAL           DUMB          THIS
                                         IS AN              EXAM             PLE
                                        OF                      THE                 CRE
                                     ATI                        VE                    SID                           
                                    E OF                   MY M                   IND
                                  EXC                       EPT                       NOT
                                 REA                        LLY                       I TO
                                TAL                         LLY                        STO
                               LE T                         HIS                          FRO
                               M SO                      ME O                        THER
                              BLO                        G NO                           W I
                              AM                          GOI                               NG
                              TO                           STOP                            BEC
                             AUS                         E I N                              EED
                                                         TO TURN
                                                   THIS          IN
                                                  BEF            ORE
                                                 MID             NIG
                                                 HT                 AND         
                                                ITS                   REA 
                                              LLY                    CLO
                                              SE                        TO
                                            IT                            SO 
                                           THI                          S GU
                                          Y W                            ILL
                                         HAV                           E SH
                                        ORT                             LEGS


chili dogs

I drew this

Monday, March 16, 2015


Have you ever seen something and you just say, "There is now way that's real!", but then it totally is!?

Thats how I feel about this adorable piece of fluff.

I mean, there's no way thats a real dog.  Dogs can't be that cute.  It's scientifically impossible, and yet there it is, just staring you in the face, attempting to kill you with cuteness.

Wow I've really run out of things to post about.  How am I even getting points for this?